Football Matches With Impossible Weather

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Crazy weathers. Rain, snow and wind in football.

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Song: Hans Zimmer – Time (Aalson Remix)


habib khan says:

football is war


1:50 what match ?

Fabien Devaud says:

Which remix from "Time" is this please ?

CyrusX16 says:

where is Iran Syria… ?

Son Tung Le says:

In this video playing football (soccer) in snow it's much better than in rain, thunderstorm, rain, lighting and wind.

Pemirsa Yang Budiman Dimanapun Anda Berada says:

reminds me of my childhood playing football with my friends on the rice field.

Eric Trevino says:

Haha I remember watching that game with FC Dallas vs Houston Dynamo in Frisco with all that rain. Nice Texas Derby

Jhonny Oliveira says:

For milions you play 😎

shahil prasad says:

haha who put the mod on

Nero Mates says:

How it can be regular?

jeff kennedy says:

if you can make it there, you can make it everywhere

The WI FI says:

what awinter

ernerock says:

your intro is too fucking loud

Gelis Geo says:

Nantes vs Panathinaikos champions league 1996

Abdelrahman Merabti says:

In the 2 one you can't see the ball

Rocky Rocks says:

sex is the only game that can be played in any season

Takshosh says:

where is sun?

Mohamed Qasim says:

u should of added dust and fog

Rinor Kadrija says:

Albania vs Macedonia?

Dennis Aditya says:

super shot soccer??

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