How to Install GENESIS for Kodi/XBMC 2015 (Watch Movies and TV Shows for FREE!)

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How to Install GENESIS for Kodi/XBMC 2015 (Watch Movies and TV Shows for FREE!)

Link to Download Kodi –
How to Install Fusion –

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Xavier Rasquero says:

is it virus free

Bloody H says:

I don't want to install I already did that how do I watch movies BC this didn't work for me

Hessey96 says:

How do I get the Programs feature? What do I have to download to unlock it??? PLEASE HELP

jaykansher87 says:

how do i get the premium movie channels

Maurice Boddie says:

I can't find the lambda repository file to be able to download Genesis.

Ashley Johnson says:

HELP! I can not find lambda as a repository.

Gaming Dan says:

Hey I search a movie but doesn't work

Dark Devil says:

Your other video has been deleted what should i do

Adam summers vlogs! says:

Does it were when you not in wifi

godogsful1 says:

i need help

kiltedjohn1000 says:

got a 8tb attatched to rasp pi 2 ,,wont let me install any artwork for the tv shows i have on the hard disk drive

Jamal Richardson says:

mine says it cant connect to the lambda repository

trevonne tolbert says:

I followed the steps but genesis won't download keep saying download failed

Mera Nicole says:

does this require a computer or will these files already be added once you install Kodi?

Ajah Lewis says:

I did everything Adam did in video, but after installing fusion successfully I tried to install the genesis as the final step and after selecting the lambda file as he mentioned the get app option never appeared. I assumed that different devices interfaces may differ to find the file but still no success. In the end after reading Lucy comments and Adams response I downloaded Exodus.

Lucy Jane says:

HELP!! Genesis has downloaded find but when I want to click on for example genres it won't load?

shan spencer says:

Works perfect. Big thank you

Numeralobject 04 says:

The fusion vid was took down

junayed ahmed says:

thank you very much ahmed from san diego.

josh hay says:

I have it all installed but when I click on Genesis and movies and then latest movies or anything it just comes up with the loading sign "working" for a few seconds then disappears and no film options comes up just doesn't change any help?

phizzle wimpinden says:

Hello is there anyone that can still search movies that can do me a huge favour?

Luciano DiVieste says:

My not loading the movies what do I do?

Heath Hildred says:

hi got all the stuff sorted and it working to watch movies but the volume on it doesn't work. Can you help?

Fele Fig says:

I did all the steps downloading fusion and Genesis but it won't let me get into the movies or shows at all in Genesis can someone please help.

Kirk Arnold says:

this has been updated to Exedus

Jim Tanis says:

I have KODI and GENESIS both installed.  TV seems to work great, but Movies does not work at all.  Nothing shows up in any of the lists, and I am not able to search any.  Any ideas?  I tried the stock install, as well as ideas from several web sites as to sources, timeouts, HD settings, etc…  My install was just as the video above states except for newer versions of software. 
This install is on the Amazon Fire TV.

Lot Planting says:

I cannot click on xbmc-repos

Mido Essaq says:

I'm getting exodus though and no genesis

Mido Essaq says:

Please help

Mido Essaq says:

I'm not able to download the Genesis after enabling lambda

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