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Quick way to delete add-ons & repos from xbmc & kodi and free-up space on your tv box or any device you’re using.


YuNG SAVi says:

lmfao this nigga got a pornhub addon..
how much porn do you watch bro? why not use the internet NOT the android box.

mike gellner says:

So I right click on the source I want to delete and it goes right back to file manager ???

Kevin Walshe says:

how do I right click if i'm not on computer

Norman Sutherland says:

That was a very clear and simply explained video! I could have saved hours had I found it earlier! Thank you so much!

SicaGR says:

Right click just backs me out of the file manager.

Aadil Latif says:

i dont have enable addons here on my device? why would it be

Enclave8790 says:

FOR THOSE USING KODI 17.0 — > What you have to do is navigate to the file manager page (where it shows all of your repo sources under ROOT); then go to the repo that you want to delete/edit/etc. and select it; and then select and hold the OK button on the remote for about a second. It should show the option to edit, make default, remove, choose thumbnail. Alternatively, you can select the repo with your mouse in the same way as you did with the remote; except you'll be left clicking and holding that click for about a second. Hope that helps! If not, let me know and maybe i'll make a video or something XD

John Hessey says:

Hey Solomon – whenever I fight click to remove it takes me back to start screen- what am I doing wrong – Kodi 17 generic stick

Steven f says:

mate how many porn addons do u have u perv 😂😂😂😂

Lester Robins says:

I tried to right click and the screen disappeared. Tried it multiple times and it wouldn't let me right mouse click. Help please.

Robert Milacic says:

You got alot of porn add-ons… Just saying

arnulfo alvarez says:

I'm in music – jango but music won't play . Please make tutorial video. Thanks

jake grady says:

I don't have enable add ons

karl ward says:

i dont have anyrhing saying xbmc and plus there lot of menu option missing i have it my computer and frustrating


Was I the only person that caught he has multiple porn addons lmao

metalmessenger says:

If a delete a repo will that delete the addons that are installed too? Or just the ones that were not installed?

Garrett H says:

Doesn't work on Kodi 17/Krypton.

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