INSTALL EXODUS ON KODI 17! – Kodi Krypton Addons (Stream Movies) – Feb 2017

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INSTALL EXODUS ON KODI 17! – Kodi Krypton Addons (Tutorial)
In this video I show you how to install the Exodus Addon for Kodi 17 Krypton! This is working great to stream movies and TV Shows in the UK as Genesis no longer works 😀
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Update for people who can’t get Exodus from addon installer:
When you get to the part where you enter the folder start here, enter the kodi repos folder, then choose exodus. Then back out and choose install from repo and there will be an exodus repo to install exodus from instead of using addon installer.

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INSTALL EXODUS ON KODI 17! – Kodi Krypton Addons (Tutorial)
INSTALL EXODUS ON KODI 17! – Kodi Krypton Addons (Tutorial)
INSTALL EXODUS ON KODI 17! – Kodi Krypton Addons (Tutorial)


Monster Vodka says:

How come nothing shows up in my .fusion folder?

Jojo Miner says:

Fusion url not working!

Annel Carmona says:

when i add the fusion link give it a name it wont work it says internet connection error but its working the internet i can save. the link but when click install from zip its there but i cant click on it

Ajinwi Fru Joel says:

When i add the file i get unable to connect what could the problem be.The stick is connected to the internet.

Ajinwi Fru Joel says:

im not seeing the file button could you please tell me whats going wrong

Maria Eduarda says:

Nossa, sutaque britânico ??

Joseph Wells says:

Wouldn't show up in zip file

Lord Seth says:

How did you got addon installer?

wacky woggle says:

Fuck me mate yeah you wanna slow down

Flip Flop says:

Ok this didn't work cause it doesn't have the add on installer at the top. Please help

JAN C says:

You go waayyyy to fast because some places are different than yours.

Renz Vill567 says:

my phone keeps crashing

Connor Syptak says:

Exodus didn't fully download it seems. The first few menus arent labelled and it doesnt want to play movies, had to go through Phoenix. Any idea as to why this is?

Eric Grace says:

way too fast to be useful

Rob Lomas says:

SSSSSLLLLLOOOOWWWW DOWN !! To get all that you'd need to be the FLASH.

MRdunxist says:

Fuckin hell. You got somewhere to be??

Nicholas Robinson says:

Worst way to explain ever. Have no idea what is going on and cant follow anything

Rondell Bordenave says:

slow tf down

Jose Luis Perez says:

People… why complain about him going too fast like you don't have control over the buttons like pause and rewind/ forward.

Anonymous says:

Hey i have an issue, for some reason after installing exodus, it will say Exodus repository installed, however theres no category that says "Install from repository" there is only 1. My addons 2. Install from zip file 3. Search. Can anybody help me figure this out? Why isnt it not showing Install from repository option

Kevin Oliver says:

Where's the fire man? Slow down a bit.

Karl von der Heyde says:


Jad Olivier says:

Shot video. figured it out myself. your going through your tutorial to fast

George Messier says:

Garbage !!!!  This UK asshole seems to have forgotten that we are watching an instructional video which requires SLOW instructional advice.  He jumps all over the place in ways that are not able to follow.  Fucking dick !!!!!

Kelly Stevenson says:

It is not working out for me. Did everything you said

EverythingHax says:

i love how he has my camera photograph.

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