Installing KODI 14 2 with ADDONS and LIVE TV ~ June 2015

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Today we install Kodi “Helix” 14.2 with ADDONS, setup our libraries using Genesis and setup our IPTV client for LIVE TV using IPTV Stalker and IVUE.
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Barry Scheiner says:

Hi where do I find the download for 14.2 Kodi ? I don't like the 17.3 version at all its different and more complicated.

phantom111 says:

You My Good Sir, are a blessing!

Richard Taylor says:

Hi I'm from jefferson city tn and would love to get in touch with you about all this stuff if you wouldn't mind

Stephaun 17 says:

I am only getting four things not channel
they are in TV when i open it

Stephaun 17 says:

i cant believe i went through the whole process and at the ending i only received four!!!!!! (4)!!!!!!!!!!! CHANNELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im pist but not with u lol

Shehz Man says:

NFPS failed

Steve Milner says:

keep up the great work!

Linda Digiovanni says:

you can put kodi on a windows 8.l Laptop

GaR BaLLz says:

Does the livetv still work?

jpfloy says:

how do i sync my sound

Pete Ciallella says:

Thanks for the video. I was wondering why turn off Hardware Acceleration, does it cause problems?

Louie Picciano says:

I have never had such an easy time getting the addons for kodi until I watched this video. thank you so much for your very clear instructions!

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