Jelena Ostapenko v Simona Halep Highlights – Women’s Final 2017 | Roland-Garros

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Jelena Ostapenko v Simona Halep Highlights – Women’s Final 2017 | Roland-Garros. Watch the best moments from the amazing women’s final of Roland-Garros 2017 that opposed Jelena Ostapenko and Simona Halep. Jelena Ostapenko won the tournament 4/6 – 6/4 – 6/3.

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This is the official YouTube Channel of Roland Garros, home of the French Open. The tournament 2017 will run from 22 May- 11 June.


raymon koh says:

Since 2007, only SW, VW, KC, VA, PK, SK, MS & AK hv more than 1 slam. The used to be journeymen who were able to breakaway with 1 slam were FP, SS, FS & MB, late in their careers. GM, we'll hv to see & Ostapenko, have better chance to win more. As for the remaining journeymen, CW, RV, AR, SH, EV, DC etc, lets hope they can break that before the end of their career. I think, KP & ES hv good chance sooner. In tennis, players are not "complete" without a slam (my own thoughts)

RobRossiFan says:

is that really Simona's grunting? I never heard her schrieking the way like this? or it's sound of another woman?

Kittyhome says:

Well it was more thrilling than the men's final

Peluche Cheline says:

wow! to win against halep in her first grandslam final! i hope she remains a force to reckon with!

dtv2031 says:

I guess all that screaming from Halep didn't help.

Soly Djavaheri says:

Hi everyone,
It’s nice to watch tennis in you tube, which is a GENEROUS
international tool for people around the word. All of us were able to watch
other matches such as Austrlian Open, Indian xx etc.. However, I do not
understand the “STINGINESS” of people who managed the French Open (Roland
Garros) who decided to show us all the matches “ONLY for 5 minutes or less”! I
repeat “5 minutes or less”. Please Open your doors and get some lessons from
others tennis federations around the world.
Bonjour à tous,
C’est sympa de regarder les tournois de tennis sur You tube, qui en tant qu’outil
international, il est vachement généreux et met à la disposition des
spectateurs de notre planète pleins de tournois de longues durés (entre 10
minutes a 2 heures !).
Par contre, –oh mon Dieu —, qu’ils sont « RADINS » ces organisateurs de Roland
Garros. — Ils montrent seulement 2 à 4 minutes de chaque jeu (et rarement
5 minutes qui est le max !!)! 
Messieurs les organisateurs, SVP prenez des leçons des autres organisateurs et de leurs
tournois qui sont montrés sur You tube (10 min, 20 min, 30 min, 60 minutes
ou plus, ou le match en entier !)
Amicalement, de la part d’un admirateur de tennis qui aime la générosité.

A l’année prochaine !

martina G says:

felt sorry for simona :-(

Nastya Treshkova says:

❤️ Anоnymous dȧting in уour аreȧ. Dеtаils hеrė ➤➤➤

Bogdan Anton says:

Ostapenko was referee and player in the same time, lucky shots only :)

Krikals15 says:

3:55 what a crazy and lucky shot. NICE :)

ricky kamal says:

Halep let it slip away😢😢😢

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