KODI for Android! Stream all the latest HD Movies and TV Shows to your Android Device.

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Quick guide on how to install and set-up KODI / XBMC on Android Phones and Tablets. Genesis Add-on lets you stream all the latest Movies and Box Sets of most popular TV Shows in HD. For free!

For a written step-by-step guide go to http://ienjoy.it/blog/kodi-for-android/

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To add Live TV Stream including ALL SKY CHANNELS FOR FREE watch my next video:


ConiX300 says:

kodi box is illegal u know

Steven Raish says:

your video did not help at all

Bobo Bogdan says:

can I do this on android tv

coolboydeezy 125 says:

now you can download in play store

Tinera Gomillion says:

not letting me click on fusion

Rogaby says:

When i press the android logo it starts downloading but then stop and gives me an error

Amy G Arebelo says:

why are all my letters now blocks? I can't read anything after it installed

Sherry Gill says:

I didn't see Genesis

D Garza says:

Thanks so much, finally understood how to setup and accomplished this using this video. Easy to follow along. Great Video.

90sFella says:

how do i watch the streams in hd? mine loads in like 480p. i got th m8s box

Tony Simsek says:

You the man!!!

Good King Moggle Mog XII says:

I recommend setting it up yourself. I know it can be intimidating for some people, but if you can't set up your own setup, you'll have an even worse time trying to work with all the errors when moving onto a new build. Unless you stay with the same build, but a lot of stuff eventually loses support for older builds.

Nyce The Rapper says:

how can o fix my sound? anyone

Tmzeena G says:

will this work for the firestick or this is only for Android cell phones

Tmzeena G says:

I don't have Genesis option either

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