XBMC – How To Install Genesis ~

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XBMC – How To Install Genesis ~

Meet Genesis, a very good Mashup alternative


Ray Hall says:

Pay the fuck attention and dont have a shit box you italian!!!! lol

galaxyguy987 says:

you are a fucking boss. Quick clear instructions
Easy to follow. Even for a person who has no clue.
No rambling on about useless info.
Your awesome.

Raul Reyes says:

your a big help thanks man

Clarissa Marlene says:

Love your videos! Thankyou!

sam mcvicar says:

video works perfect on my mac! love this video so easy and helpful THANKYOU

J. M. says:

how do i get genesis and sports devil?

megacoolguy1984 says:

Thanks boss. I tried a couple different ways to DL genesis and yours was the only one that worked.

Baked Belgian Waffle says:

Thanks very much, this video was very usefull.

Latif Ferdiner says:

It updated the new version of genesis and it wouldn't open the latest movies I'm using Kodi 15.2

That Black Dude says:

any other apps that let you watch new movies. 1 channle doesnt work for me. cant change custom domain on my box

Angel says:

great video to install Genesis on XBMC. i'm brand newbie and have MX III . do i use the same procedure? thnx

JoeNobody010101 says:

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Me personally, my best recommendations from this short list would be the Google Nexus Player (best bang for buck) or the Nvidia Shield (most capabilities) ….. . . .
I really hope this helps some of ya out there ~

Alberto Eden says:

thanks pretty good video !!

sven maurin says:

im having a small issue i had genesis installed and all of a sudden it just dissapeared , i tried downloading it again and its now not showing in my add ons, any idea? thanks

Kira Williamson says:

Hi as I go to click the plugin.program.addoninstaller-1.2.0.zip as I click on it the little window at the bottom right corner says installation failed. How do I sort this please?

Just Watch says:

mine says "couldnt recieve directory information what"

Andrew Bliss says:

Ok it works just stay with me when you enable the addon installer and it's not there goto program addons then there it is and don't get mad just watch this video

Walter H. White says:

Was working great for a few weeks – now the movies links don't work – anyone know how to fix this?


Your a fucking Don bro thank you very much 👊😁👍

phalanseng says:

Thanks man! "get at em"! Lol

Lees Autoworks says:

thanks for making it too complicated.

ClampGod Kj says:

Whooaaaa. this is crazy bro. i even have it on my tablet. thanks for sharing this with us :)

Bram Dormi says:

thank you very much man

TheDribbley says:

Thanks man
Good vid

hakam khaira says:

Thank you so much

Joseph Capolupo says:

I'm in the process of doing this now. When I first tried to download genesis, it said there was an add on installer error. This happened about 3 times. Now it is finally going through and in process of downloading Gen. but it is going painfully slow. .5 – 1% per minute.. Yours downloaded in about 8 seconds… is there something wrong here? I have fast internet…

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